Saturday, January 10, 2009

Professional Update

It's been a while since any new post from me here. Mainly because I put to gether this blog for a class I was taking, and well, the class is over. I figured why not give an update on what I've been up to though.

I'm still at the University of Cincinnati working on an MS-Marketing degree which I should have complete by the end of the year. Professionally, I have been working in my company's marketing department, with the title of marketing coordinator. I filled in for the marketing director while she was on leave, and now I serve as her assisitant of sorts, learning new techniques and aspects of marketing as I go. Among other things, some of my responsibilities include researching and contacting potential new clients, and updating and maintaining marketing materials used in advertising and generating client interest. A big part of my job is offering support to our sales force; making sure that they have all of the tools and information they need to effectively communicate our company's message to existing and potential clients. I feel that I am gaining a lot of valuable experience right now and learning a lot of new things in my graduate classes. I should be well prepared to take on a position where I can offer significant value to a company when I graduate.