Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ad Campaigns That Feature The Workforce

One specific type of commercial that has interested me a lot lately is those that feature the company's "workforce" in the ad. Take a look at the two short commercials below to see what I mean.

Though I, myself, have been noticing it more recently with commercials like the ones above, this tactic is hardly a new one. For example, one well-known, long-running ad campaign beginning many years ago featured the Maytag repairman as the familiar face of a dependable brand. This campaign easily comes to mind, though it is not exactly the same as the ones above. What's different? Well, the major point of the Maytag ads is that the Maytag repairman doesn't have anything to do because Maytag products are so reliable. The others prominently feature the employees proudly engaged in their work.

Still, the ads offer similarities in what they communicate to the viewer. Commercials that use "employees" in their advertising are often attempting to establish an image of sincerity for the consumer. These employees are being shown as working hard to serve each customer in the best way possible. They are proud of the work that they do, and the product or service which they provide. They believe in the company which employs them. They see the value in their efforts.

The intended result is to give the viewer an added reason to believe in the brand aside from the great taste of the cereal, or the absence of baggage fees. These ads work to demonstrate honesty and integrity; a company that is truly for the people because they are of the people. The given company is the consumer, so why not trust them?

While some may very well just find these commercials as annoying as any other, the fact is that these are powerful brand messages aimed at making a real connection with people by portraying the company simply as a bunch of honest, hard working people like themselves. It is a clever strategy utilizing a subconscious desire to identify with a brand. And, it often seems to work.