Friday, February 5, 2010

Ford Demonstrates Innovative Viral Marketing

I've written about Ford several times on this blog for several reasons. One was in response to their move towards a brand image built on innovation as they rolled out the new Taurus model; another was to give an account of how one of their direct marketing programs failed for them while succeeding for me financially. I find that Ford offers a lot in the way of marketing case studies. It is one of our great American corporations with an undeniably rich history of innovation during a period of rapid change (technologically, and otherwise), lending itself to a bevy of marketing challenges along the way.

Today, I read an interesting article detailing the way Ford has benefited from social marketing by utilizing regular, tech-savvy citizens as catalysts for the viral distribution of their brand message towards a broader public. The program is called the Fiesta Movement. You can read about this program, its effects on Ford, and what it may mean to the marketing industry at the link below.