Monday, July 19, 2010

Bill Hicks On Marketing

While watching a bunch of stand-up clips from comedian Bill Hicks over the weekend I came across this bit he did about marketers. I actually find it more interesting than funny - though it is funny.

If you are familiar with the kind of comedy Hicks did, you know that he was often critical of things like consumerism, conventional unquestioned thought, and the 'ruling class'. So, you may not be surprised that marketers would be on his list of people to despise.

Ultimately, I think he has a legitimate point about those that constantly research, segment, and profile in order to peddle garbage to consumers. Their goal being to convince the consumer that whatever product or service they offer will help to fulfill them once consumed, and is not, in fact, useless garbage.

I, myself, strive to use the art and science of marketing in my career to do something a little more meaningful and helpful to the public. I feel as though many other marketers do too - and have genuinely useful products and services to offer. Not everything is garbage, and there are some things which people need, correct? Though, competition and capitalism has the ability to reduce marketers with my intentions to the 'scum' of which Hicks speaks. Ha!

Anyway, enjoy the clip below, and let me know what you think of it.

*Also be warned that this clip contains a lot of profanity.