Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Papa John's Pizza Contest

Check out the article below from ClickZ about Papa John's new pizza contest promotion utilizing social media to get the word out.


What do you think?

Of course, plenty of companies hold contests among their customers to come up with new ideas and increase brand loyalty. But, allowing the contest winner to share in the profits from their creation as one of the prizes is a great motivator, and it draws in greater talent.

In addition, Papa John's is encouraging contestants to drum up interest for their pizza recipe by utilizing their own social networks. Doing this takes some of the promotional burden away from Papa John's (this is, after all, a small portion of their overall marketing strategy), and also serves to make many more people aware of the contest and the brand without costing the company a dime.

I think this is a great use of social media, and will inspire any marketer who reads the story.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Moving Checklist = A Clever Marketing Piece

While searching for new career opportunities, the online portion of my research and networking takes me to many different websites. So, as you can probably guess, I view a lot of marketing materials. Some are really good, and others...well, not so much. Still, some businesses do not even seem to understand the value of marketing on their website, which is a shame. Here it is, the place where a vast amount of current and potential clientele will go to learn more about a business, fully controlled by the business themselves, and it is not being put to use.

There are many companies, however, that truly understand a web site's value and fully utilize this domain to market to customers as much as possible...even if the customer does not always realize it. I recently came across one great example of clever and subtle shall we say "reminder marketing" on the website of Cincinnati Bell.

If you have ever moved into a new home, you know that it is important to switch over your phone service to the new address. Well, Cincinnati Bell's marketing team saw this as an opportunity to reinforce some of their company messages and values to customers through a small added value.

What did they do? Well, it's really simple, actually. They offer a to-do checklist on the web page for moving customers. This is a useful tool that will provide customers some direction and piece of mind as they embark on what can be a stressful journey to a new home.When so much is going on at once, it's easy to forget some things. This checklist provides movers with a list of thirty-something important things to remember leading up to, and including the big day.

Are all of the things on this list related to Cincinnati Bell? Not even close. They have five. That's all. And most are not even to try to up sell the customer. In fact, there is even an opportunity to claim a $50 gift card for dinner, compliments of Cincinnati Bell.

So what is this really about? It's about reminding the customer of the great service they receive from Cincinnati Bell. That Cincinnati Bell cares about them. Not just about their phone and Internet service, but about their personal well-being - their happiness. Cincinnati Bell does WHATEVER it can to help keep their customers' lives run smoothly, and this checklist is evidence of that. And, that is the marketing message delivered subtly in this helpful piece found on their website. This is a great example of finding small ways to effectively reach the mind of the customer.

To see the moving checklist from Cincinnati Bell click here.