Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Hospital-Restaurant Marketing Collaboration

We have a lot of great restaurants to choose from here in Cincinnati. Unfortunately, there are many that cannot usually take full advantage of the city's eats due to health issues requiring alternate food choices not found so easily on most menus. Well, that is now where The Christ Hospital comes into play for diners with heart (and other health) issues.

As a leader in heart treatment, Christ has decided to use their position to help ensure that their heart patients can live a fully enjoyable life...outside of their home cooking. Through the Christ Hospital Heart Healthy Restaurant Partnership, the hospital aims to align with local restaurants to help improve the nutritional content of their dishes without sacrificing taste. The initiative which began with 13 restaurants now boasts about 30 eateries in the area of varying cuisines, and is drawing a lot of interest among diners.

Looking at this program purely from a marketing standpoint, the hospital-restaurant partnership can bring nothing but success for everyone involved. The logo you see above is what appears on the menus of each participating restaurant. Upon noticing the icon, diners are immediately reminded of who the leading heart hospital in the area is - a great memory jog in a not so ordinary place. Next, the diner recognizes the initiative that the Christ Hospital shows in finding ways to better serve their patients, even outside of their walls. This is a great way for the hospital to increase their brand recognition and loyalty among patients and their families - past, present, and future - while highlighting their core competency.

For the participating restaurants, they increase patronage among many different people by devoting the time and effort in serving them better. Heart patients and their families can feel comfortable going out to eat, and can truly enjoy themselves. Those with health concerns will soon learn which restaurants participate in this program, and you can bet these are the restaurants they will dine in exclusively (as long as the taste is there). The result is a great new point of differentiation for the restaurateurs.

It seems that everyone walks away happy through their participation in this program. Additionally, the word on the demand of healthier menu options will continue to spread among the culinary world, and many more restaurants will take the health of their patrons into consideration.

For the expanded story on the Christ Hospital Heart Healthy Restaurant Partnership, including a list of participating restaurants, see Dave Malaska's article in Cincy Magazine.