Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pabst Blue Ribbon's Resurgence

"...the brand's image being crafted not by the company but by its consumers..."

Give this article from Businessweek on PBR's buyout and comeback (not necessarily in that order) a read. I found it interesting, especially the part about the previous owner's marketing practice of not marketing at all leading to the brand finding a niche position that contributed to growth. A far cry from how the other generic-tasting, heavily-branded American brews do business, perhaps it's evidence that how you do not market your brand can, in some ways, be as important as how you do.

The new owners have different ideas though, and they must proceed carefully if they want to nurture the growth of the last few years. Now, I don't particularly like any of the beers in the Pabst product line. But, Pabst does have a rich history and a firm place in American culture. So, it will be fascinating to see what happens in the next few years, as the father and sons who now own it reach for a slice of the beer market.