Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chrysler's Twitter Mishap

Well, this kind of thing was bound to happen sooner or later with a big corporation utilizing social media to allow their brand to interact with consumers. And, I believe a mistake like this is especially capable of happening when "tweets" are outsourced.

See the article below about Chrysler terminating their contract (or, at least, failing to renew it) with New Media Strategies after one of their employees responsible for tweeting messages to Chrysler followers decides to use the platform (mistakenly, or not - it doesn't really matter though) to complain about what else? Drivers. In the Motor City. And he uses the F-word too. This is definitely not what Chrysler had in mind for its social media strategy. But, then again any publicity is good publicity. Isn't it?

A question I've heard people asking as a result of this is whether or not this kind of thing should be outsourced in the first place? In my opinion, I don't see why not. Mishaps aside, if a company is employing a firm to develop and execute its marketing strategy, then there's no doubt social media is going to be a large part of it these days. If there isn't a marketing department on site that understands the strategy and how to realize it with each Tweet, Facebook post, etc. then it absolutely should be outsourced. But, as they say, Buyer Beware.