Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Ultimate Junk Food

"To have a great advertising idea, you have to get at the truth of the product"

When you have a few minutes, definitely check out this fantastic article about the man rebranding carrots as if they were what we refer to as "junk food"!

My home town of Cincinnati was one of only two test markets for this campaign, and if you live in the area, there's no doubt you noticed the billboards along the highways. These ads definitely stood out to me, and being a marketer, I was curious to learn more about who was behind the campaign.

I take this article/campaign as great inspiration to me, and hopefully it has the same effect on others. There is no need to stick to traditional marketing for your product. There is no need to think that a product can't be looked at in a different way, if you are able to see it differently yourself.