Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Do Gender Stereotypes Hurt Your Sales?

I try to keep up with all things smart phone/wireless device related. Yesterday, I came by an interesting article that reported women buy 50% of smart phones and 61% of e-readers. You can read the article HERE.

Some of you may have known that. Some of you may have thought that. Some of you may not have thought that to be true. And, still some of you may have just never considered it one way or another.

My point is this: How many of you allow preconceived notions and "conventional wisdom" dictate who your market actually is? Do you assume that your product or service is better suited to one gender or another? One age group or another? One race or another? Why? Is there documented evidence you can point to that back up your gut feelings?

In our daily lives, we as people tend to make assumptions about a lot of things in order to save time. We feel we are usually correct. But, if a figure like the one above surprised you, you may want to take a closer look at your approach to marketing and whether or not your brand image appeals to the right people. Small changes can make a difference in attracting a more lucrative customer base, and bring the success you didn't realize you were missing out on all this time.