Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Google Chrome Ads Bring The Internet To Life

I wanted to share a couple of these "the web is what you make of it" ads that Google has been releasing for Chrome lately because they are, quite simply, some of the best advertisements I've ever seen.


The ads work because they tell a story to the viewer. They identify what people value in real life, and show how the Internet can help them take the next step. The ads don't cause people to retreat from technology, but rather be intrigued and encouraged by it. They show the endless possibilities that a tool like the Internet provides, and how it can connect people across time and space.

Chrome also shows just how easily it can be done. They bring the Internet to life in a profound way with these ads. This kind of advertisement is what many brands only wish they could produce. I'm not being sold a product here. I'm being educated on the benefits of that product. And that's valuable stuff. If there were something to buy here, I would be sold.