Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sound Bytes For Everyone Listening To You

In today's world, everyone is connected. Everyone is sharing with one another online and is encouraged to do so. The tools we use to connect with others socially have shrunk our world more than ever, so we can share our thoughts and be inspired by the thoughts of others without ever having been in the same room.

All of this is pretty exciting, pretty exhausting, and sometimes even pretty frustrating. For instance, when someone is speaking at an event, they are no longer speaking only to those in attendance. They are really speaking to the audience...and EVERYONE the audience knows. I don't mean 'knows' like I 'know' my family and friends. I mean every person that an audience member interacts with online. Their Facebook friends, their Twitter followers, everyone in their Google + circles. That's a lot of eyes and ears.

So, how do you affect the quality of your remarks to broaden their online value? Well, for one, make your speech 'share friendly'. Offer sound bytes to your audience every once in a while - stuff they can easily digest and then share with their network - that delivers the main message in a compelling and memorable way.

Some may argue that this is the right way to go about a presentation in the first place. Maybe. But, it is imperative to use this technique to encourage the 'right kind' of sharing across social networks. Not only is everyone listening, but they don't have much time to listen. So, you have to catch the eye, slow them down, and provide information which they value and wish to pass along themselves.

The best way I can think of to practice this vital technique? Type up a Tweet yourself. Stay under the character limit, give room for opinions in the retweet, and still get your message across. Can you do it?