Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Honda CR-V Super Bowl Commercial

This ad is sure to be one of the most memorable from this Sunday's NFL Super Bowl.

Honda's homage to the iconic 80's comedy Ferris Bueller's Day Off (which I've probably seen 50 times) stars Matthew Broderick as himself skipping a day of work on a film to enjoy himself. The commercial follows the same basic plot of the movie, hitting many of the high points with clever references. Here, the Honda CR-V takes the place of the cherry red Ferrari from the movie, and is basically pitched as being just as desirable.

This ad is creative in its approach, and should do well for Honda (though I'm not sure how much any of these ads actually work when it comes to ROI). There may not be a lot of focus on the vehicle itself, but it will be remembered for the movie reference and spark some curiosity by the public to find out more. And, when it comes to Super Bowl commercials, you must stand out. Plus, Honda encourages repeat viewing by telling us that there are over 2 dozen references to the movie throughout the commercial. By challenging us to find them, Honda's spot now becomes an engaging social game as well as an ad.