Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Coca-Cola's Emotional Appeal on Facebook

I spotted this article over at MediaPost yesterday which reported on Coca-Cola's new Facebook campaign to 'spread simple moments of online happiness to fans'. They do this by giving riddles to their fans which, when solved, allows them to access a website set up specifically to deliver some basic satisfying experience through an online interaction. The message here being that Coke offers happiness. A very broad, yet simple value proposition, right?

Is it a status symbol that a company can market in this way because their brand is so strong in the minds of customers? Is Coke there yet? I say "yes" to both. Along with just a few other brands (McDonald's, for example), Coca-Cola is a huge, ubiquitous brand whose history of iconic advertising campaigns allows for things like experiential marketing and appeals to emotions and feelings because their brand is so much a part of popular culture.

They're not wrong. Products like Coke can offer a feeling of nostalgia for consumers not only because of their longevity in the industry, but because of the advertising over the years that made them a part of lives in a way that lasts.

Is this specific Facebook campaign to engage with fans a success? I don't know. If you're judging by clicks, the data says yes. How this affects consumers propensity to buy (again and again) is more difficult to measure. But, having the cash and brand recognition that a company like Coke enjoys allows for a lot more opportunities for experimentation in the online world, which increases the chances of success.