Monday, November 4, 2013

10 Tips For Improving Social Media Content (Infographic)

Yesterday, I began following a Twitter handle called @urtweetsrbad for fun. It's simply a handle that retweets brand tweets that leave a lot to be desired, and do not represent the kind of engagement with followers that will ever lead to sales. Something similar has existed on Facebook for a while on a page called Condescending Corporate Brand Page. Both are worth checking out if you want some entertainment, and possible shame for taking the same approach with your brand's fan base.

To combat these mistakes of asking your followers to "Hit 'like' if you hate Mondays" or tweeting "Friday, where have you been? #TGIF" take a look at the quick, simple tips below. These are very easy to follow if you're not completely lazy, and creates better content that breaks through the clutter, delivers value, and hopefully inspires action. That's why we use social media after all, right?

BONUS TIP For Google+ Users: #9 on this list is to overlay text on an image that you share. It gives you a suggested resource to do this. But, don't worry if you're not great with those tools yet. Google+ is the only network I know of that allows users to upload an image, and add a text overlay right there with the click of a button. Easy. Also, each Google+ post has its own unique URL, so you can even use that link to share with your other networks.

How to improve social media updates?
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