Sunday, November 10, 2013

The GoPro Camera Is Its Own Brilliant Marketing Machine

"It's a marketer's dream" - Nick Woodman on his product, the GoPro camera

That it is, Nick.

GoPro on Instagram
I hope you all had a chance to watch this great story on the founder of GoPro from 60 Minutes after football Sunday evening. Nick Woodman (one of America's newest billionaires, according to the piece) gave his account of how the idea for the camera came about, the hard work that went into building the business, and the extreme variation of applications the camera has seen over the time it has been on the market.

The footage included throughout the story is truly amazing, and would make you want to go out and purchase one of these to take everywhere with you if you haven't already.

What really interested me though was the way the +GoPro camera has been marketed to the public. Here are some of the highlights that jumped out at me as to why it works.

GoPro on Instagram

  • It's visual-based - The GoPro is inherently a viral-friendly product that produces great word-of-mouth advertising for the brand. It records high-quality video and captures vivid still images, both of which have high shareable value on popular social networks like Instagram and YouTube.
  • The customer creates the content - Because of the social nature of photos and videos as mentioned above, GoPro is able to use social media to source marketable material from their own users. Users apply their own creativity to capture a variety of moments using the camera, as they would with any other camera. Though the bar here is a bit higher because the GoPro itself drives people to try something new and different, to outdo each other in one way or another. For GoPro, the best part of tapping into their users is that the content is free, authentic, and continuous.
  • Relevant Sponsorhips - The target segment for the GoPro camera are still athletes of extreme sports and outdoor adventurers. The company even builds bundles of their products for customers on its website based on specific activities. To continue having success in this niche market, GoPro makes themselves visible to these customers. They sponsor extreme athletes as well as competitions, and use the opportunity to make their own branded videos that inspire their users.

+GoPro  is a great product that has grown into a highly successful brand. The marketing behind it succeeds because it is authentic, fun, and inviting. It also just so happens to be the kind of product that plays right into today's world of self-documentation and shareable moments online. A true marketer's dream.