Tuesday, December 31, 2013

How Focusing On Google+ For Your Social Media Marketing Pays Off (Infographic)

It never fails. Anytime I'm discussing marketing with a group of people I bring up my work on Google+. And, every time - every single time - I hear at least one fool person chuckle and give me the same old response they read on a blog somewhere a year or two ago - "Nobody's on Google Plus".

It wasn't true then, and it isn't true now. But, where these marketers really are failing is by thinking of social media in such a simplified and close-minded way. When a social network functions only as a social network, then that is all they have to offer. So, if people aren't there in droves, posting content publicly and engaging with each other regularly, the network isn't providing much value. However, when a company has much more to their offering (let's say a search engine the world uses for everything, for starters), that network begins to act as a layer, a brain that informs the other body parts of the business with the content shared and the data collected. Such is the case with Google's offering.

The infographic below by +Techmagnate is specific in explaining the advantages Google+ provides to businesses that simply cannot be matched by other social networks. Concentrating your social media efforts here will get you in front of the audience you aim to reach.

Why you must focus on Google Plus?
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By the way, the other comment I tend to get from non-users is "I need to be on there more. I have an account. But, I don't really use it. I need help figuring it out." Well, this should light a fire under you to get started. You can contact me on Google+ anytime for more.

top image credit: Omisem