Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How To Quickly Learn Effective Social Media Marketing Tactics On Each Network

Keeping up with all of the social networks available today can be challenging. I've talked to a lot of marketers that are proficient in one or two, but are admittedly novices on most others. Granted, every social network doesn't warrant the same amount of attention. Maybe your brand, or the brands you work with, have no interest in Vine or Pinterest. Perhaps SnapChat and Tumblr don't boast the users that make up their target market.

However, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each social network, as well as the demographic breakdown of their userbase will tell marketers which brands can use these networks to connect with existing customers and identify new ones leading to more sales over time.

A great way to hit the ground running with a network that's new to you, or to reinvigorate your creativity with those you're already on, is to seek out brands that are "doing it right". Fortunately, examples like this are curated by many different people and can be found in neat little collections on blogs, in white papers, and through slide presentations.

I've included a few slideshare presentations below that showcase various brands who are successful on LinkedIn, Google+, and Instagram, respectively. Seeing what other marketers are doing to leverage social media serves as inspiration to me. See if they inspire you too.