Thursday, December 19, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Great Ads From Years Past - Week 2

I kicked off my own Throwback Thursday series last week with a memorable television commercial from when I was a kid.

This week, I'm going further back in time (I'm guessing the 1950's), and looking at a print ad that I find interesting especially when applying today's marketing norms to it.

Fairy Liquid builds its brand around trust as you can see from two of the three taglines on the ad here. You can trust the cleaning power, and trust its value. That doesn't seem like a stretch. We all want our customers to trust us. But, take a look at the tagline right underneath the brand name. It reads "I Hardly Ever Buy It!"

Whoa - that's some concept for a packaged good, huh? Today, a major focus of brands is repeat purchases. Get the customer to buy, and buy often. Coupons offer slight discounts for buying more (maybe more than you need). Marketers of items that are infrequent purchases may spend time promoting the multiple uses of the good (e.g. baking soda), or the need to replace it at frequent intervals (e.g. toothbrushes).

With Fairy Liquid (at least in this ad), value is a big part of their offering. They back up their message, and not just with a low price point. They do it with a quality product that only requires a small amount with each dish washing job, thus a lesser need to purchase repeatedly. "I Hardly Ever Buy It" is probably not a claim you'd see on an ad today, even though Fairy Liquid is going after customer loyalty here, something immensely important to today's brands.