Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ads I Like: "Samsung: Eyes On The Road"

This video is presented as more of a case study for the whole campaign around the +Samsung Mobile app launched in Singapore. The app is called "Eyes on the Road", and its purpose is to help protect drivers from themselves by eliminating distractions from their mobile device.

While not all of Samsung's ads hit the mark, this one certainly does. It has everything. A disturbing visual is followed by alarming stats that grab attention. Samsung doesn't put themselves above the problem, instead claiming a bit of responsibility for driving distractions by using their own device and notification sound when the wreck occurs. Yes, it is additional branding. But, they could have used a generic device just as easily to stay separate from the bad, deciding instead to only provide the positive solution.

Samsung affirms their commitment to public safety by building this mobile app that automatically switches to "drive safe mode" when a certain speed is detected. They take it a step further by "gamifying" the experience with attainable goals which result in socially-shareable rewards for users. This encourages use while spreading the word through user-generated, branded social media posts. Well done.

I originally came across this through +Ads of the World, a curator of great advertising.