Friday, January 17, 2014

How To Use Flipboard As A Marketing Tool (Video)

Yesterday I discovered a new marketing tool. Flipboard. It's not a new app. It's not even new to me. I've been using it sporadically on my Android device for a while now. But, yesterday I participated in a Google+ Hangout that deepened my understanding of what the content reader app was capable of, and broadened my thinking as to how I might use it to further my marketing goals.

Hosted by +Mark Vang of the Sanctuary Networking Community, this Hangout features online marketing professional (and fellow Google+ enthusiast) +Mark Traphagen discussing the ways he uses Flipboard to curate and share content.

A few of my main takeaways from this Hangout are: 

  • How to import your Twitter feed and individual Lists into the Flipboard app for quicker use
  • How to use Flipboard as an eCommerce tool that rivals Pinterest
  • How to create Magazines on Flipboard and use them for content curation and personal branding     

Mark also shared with us a step-by-step article he wrote detailing how to create and use magazines on Flipboard. This morning, I created my first Flipboard magazine as an offshoot of my startups & entrepreneurs community for Cincinnati professionals on Google+.