Thursday, January 2, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Great Ads From Years Past - Week 3

This week I'm taking it back to 1988, to an ad from +Wendy's that I only vaguely remember (I'm a young man, after all). This one does not feature their famous founder *Dave Thomas*, a fixture of their television campaigns for many years.

What it does feature is a restaurant concept that didn't hold up for the hamburger chain, and has long since been discontinued. I'd love to talk to a member of Wendy's marketing team from these days to see how the whole idea played out, what kind of reception it received from customers, and how long it actually lasted.

To me, it appears as though they were going for a concept that took them out of the "fast-food" space, and more into the "affordable family dining" space. When I look back though, I don't see a failure. I see a highly successful restaurant chain trying something new to see if it makes them even more successful.

Needless to say, Wendy's is still around and successful today. Innovation and growth is important for a business. Try new things, bring in new customers, and see what works (and what doesn't). Sometimes you succeed and sometimes you fail. But, without injecting some new ideas into any business, the brand becomes stale, and customers notice.

Do you remember the SuperBar at Wendy's? What did you think of it?