Thursday, January 23, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Great Ads From Years Past - Week 5 - Winter Olympics

I was planning on doing a Throwback Thursday post with some Olympic-themed advertising in the next few weeks before the Sochi Winter games began in Russia on February 7th. But, today I came across a post on Juxtapoz Magazine displaying several Winter Olympics posters going back as far as the first games in 1924. And, they're a lot of fun to look at. So, the post is coming a little early.

I do love creative brand advertising from the game's sponsors. But, the official posters are even better as they bring attention to the actual event, rather than leveraging the event to sell another product. They also become a part of world history. 

My favorite of the those included in this collection from Juxtapoz is actually this one from the first games in Chamonix, France. The artwork is really great, and it brings together national and world elements very nicely. Below that you will see a poster from the first Winter Olympic Games I can remember, from 1988 in Calgary, Canada.  

Visit the whole collection here, and let me know which is your favorite. If you have others, post a link to them in the comments. I'd love to see them.