Thursday, January 9, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Great Ads From Years Past - Week 4

If you follow me on social media at all, you may know how much I admire the marketing work of the team at +Coca-Cola. They consistently push the limits of creative advertising, consumer engagement, and marketing innovation all while keeping a consistent brand identity (see some recent examples using Facebook, mommy bloggers in Korea, and their own packaging. For even more, take a look at this page of search results using my name and "Coca-Cola").

I first saw this commercial a few years ago. It is from 1953, and is much more direct than much of Coke's advertising today which alludes in one way or another to the beverage's ability to make people happy.
It definitely reflects the time in which it aired.

The ad targets women who are out enjoying themselves, but burning energy nonetheless. The two patrons at the Coca-Cola fountain take a timeout for a refresher, a friendly chat, and an energy boost before they resume shopping for their spring wardrobe. They even take a moment (when cued by the spokesman) to play a catchy jingle on the restaurant booth's jukebox.

It's television spots like this that no doubt allow for the brand to play on nostalgia with the older crowd these days. Perfect refreshment. Every time.