Sunday, March 2, 2014

Does Your Brand Get A Identity Boost From Related Products?

I was at my local +Walgreens this weekend, and happened by this end-of-aisle display of +Coca-Cola branded merchandise. I noticed that while their actual product is nowhere in site, it is there.

Coke is the quintessential American brand. Its logo and colors so recognizable that people all over the world know what they're getting when they see it. Joy. Happiness. Memories. Life - the good parts, anyway. The branding delivers a feeling.

That's why Coke is able to sell all kinds of other products, like the ones pictured here. Glasses, containers for glasses, trays for glasses, and more. These all bring in extra revenue, but it's more about reinforcing the brand identity whenever possible. Each of these items would function the same way with or without the logo printed on them. But, the logo delivers that feeling even in absence of the taste. And, that's powerful stuff.

So, what's your brand made of? Does it deliver a feeling? Does it cause a reaction? What makes it last in the minds of customers, causing the desire to experience it even in some small way without the chief product itself even present? Answer that, and you can then start building that long-term equity that may one day take your brand from successful to iconic.

Now, take six seconds to enjoy this Vine video from a kid that doesn't give a damn about the rules.