Sunday, March 9, 2014

How The Simpsons Uniquely Nailed It With Real-Time Marketing This Week


If you've been wrapped up in HBO's new 8-episode series True Detective these last 7 weeks like me then you know what's going on in this image.

+The Simpsons revealed it on their social media channels this Friday, telling us fans that Homer Simpson is in fact the sought-after "Yellow King" in the show. The series' season finale is Sunday evening, after The Simpsons' time slot on Fox. With show's enormous buzz, why not leverage it to get viewers of your program first? Obviously, Homer's actual yellow body, coupled with some clues from the show makes this one work uniquely to The Simpsons character. Here's the post from their +Google+ page.

The practice of what is often referred to as "newsjacking" by brands is not just about tying any current event to your brand in real-time. Any brand can do that. And, they do. And, come big events like the Super Bowl and the Oscars, it can get pretty annoying and desperate. Success in real-time marketing means being good enough to always pay attention, and recognize when your brand particularly fits with whatever it is that people are already talking about. That's when a brand can stick out. And, this is one good example.

By the way, if you are way into this show, there is a True Detective community on Google+ where we have been discussing the show and sharing articles since it began. This is where I came across the Simpsons post when shared by +Eliazar Ruiz