Saturday, March 22, 2014

Who Will Win On Jeopardy? Villain Arthur Chu, Or IBM's Watson Super Computer?

Now that the infamous +Jeopardy match between the computer +IBM Watson, and two mere humans (one,the winningest show contestant ever) has been made available on +YouTube (click here to watch), it seems to me that Jeopardy! producers have a big opportunity to capitalize on whatever renewed interest comes from the release.  

We've now seen man vs. machine in a battle of general knowledge. But, how about Villain vs. Machine? It just so happens that a man named Arthur Chu ruffled quite a few feathers in the game show audience with his recent 12-day run on the show. Chu went all over the board when selecting his questions, not settling for the long-used approach of simply choosing a category and going down the column. Some hated him for it. Ha!

So, why not take the opportunity to market another Jeopardy! special event pitting the "evil genius" against the supercomputer? Jeopardy gets another ratings bump, and social trending topic while IBM gets some more attention for the very important real-world problems Watson is being used to help solve - most recently fighting brain cancer.

It's challenging to find the right opportunity to break through the noise and get your brand some attention. That's why we see so many doing lame attempts at "real-time marketing" on Twitter hashtag trends during live events. Marketing a game featuring two contestants still fresh in people's minds can work if the moment is seized in time.

Who would you want to win this showdown if it were to take place? The machine? Or, the man (even if you don't like the way he plays the game)?