Friday, May 30, 2014

How To Introduce Customers To Your Brand And Drive Repeat Purchases

I came across some really good product marketing while I was shopping a day or two ago. In the post below I give detail on what I saw and why I liked the strategy. At the end you will find a marketing challenge to try with your brand.  

It's the little things.
Presented in the right place at the right time, a little marketing can go a long way. An extra push to encourage another purchase, or to simply build greater awareness can lead to those incremental sales increases which can have a positive effect on the bottom line over time.

We all try to deliver our marketing message throughout our customers' purchase decision process. But, what do we do after they have chosen our brand? Do we stop, and wait for them to come back again? Did we win? Absolutely not!

Competition is high in most industries, and one sale does not guarantee repeat purchases. As difficult as it can be to gain a customer, it's pretty easy to lose them. There's no question that the product has to meet expectations. But, the marketing tactics we employ once the purchase has been made and the item's in-hand can make a big difference. Here we can deliver a brand experience for our customer, and start to build a relationship that results in repeat business and positive word-of-mouth advertising (especially on social networks).

Who's doing it well?
The team at Matt Brewing Company, brewers of Saranac, in Utica, New York caught my eye the other day with the marketing right on their bottlenecks. I'll break it down a little bit.

The brand knows their customers' ritual for using (in this case drinking) their product. They know that the customer more than likely will have the bottle in their hands for at least a few minutes while it is consumed. During that period, the customer will look over that bottle several times.

This is an opportunity. This is where Saranac continues marketing to their customer, and integrates their other marketing channels as well. Right on that tiny bottleneck is where Saranac does three things:

  • Tell the story of the product (inspiration, ingredients, taste)
  • Encourage interaction on their website and social media profiles
  • Give a sensible recommendation for another product (Like this? Try this:)
Each one of these things helps build up the brand in the mind of the customer, and encourages further interaction. Does your brand have a similar opportunity?

What comes next? 
The next steps are up to the brand, of course. It depends on how they want to build the customer relationship. What would you do next?

I view websites and (probably even more now) social media profiles as the hub for brand engagement. This is where all traffic should be herded, and where higher levels of customer engagement should originate. Adding apps to social brand pages delivers value while customer data is obtained for mutual benefit. Encouraging shares of your content, participation in events, and reviews of your products adds a lot to your social profile and brings in new customers. 

Social Sign-In or other tools that identify customers on a brand website can also collect data and deliver value that builds loyalty. It's all about determining what the customer wants, and delivering it in a way that benefits your brand as well.
My challenge to you.
So, after all of this talk on "product-in-hand marketing" I'd like to issue the following challenge to you:

Take your brand, or a brand you have worked with, and explain how you will further market to your customer after the sale in the future (or, how you do already).

Now that they have made their purchase decision based on any number of factors - the design/label, the price, the social media post they saw, the ad they came across on TV or on a website, etc. - how can you grow that into a relationship that increases the lifetime value of that customer and brings you more revenue? Comment with your answer and let's talk.