Thursday, June 12, 2014

How Marketers Are Leveraging The World Cup To Connect With Their Fans

Today is the start of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Are you excited? I wish I was. But, honestly I'm not much of a soccer fan. Who knows? Maybe I'll come to some great realization as I'm pulled in by the hype of excited Futbol fans all around me. I have several in my family. And, guys like me are the exact market +Kia Motors Worldwide is looking to attract with this campaign:

What does excite me is any large event that brings the big brand sponsors out in full force with all of their creative agency muscle behind them, as the smaller brands peak through a hole in the fence patiently awaiting that chance opening to shine without a paid sponsorship. The World Cup certainly qualifies as that kind of event.

This week I've been sharing some World Cup-themed marketing that I've come across on my Google+ page. The most interesting one I've found is from +Coca-Cola. Their campaign started with the development of a unique Visual Identity System (VIS) that would then be implemented in every marketing channel for a consistent look, feel, and experience. It''s not just signage and product packaging with Coke. They've created branded elements that also feed into social media, mobile and digital marketing, gamification, events, and other promotional products for outreach.

It's safe to say that Coca-Cola is living and breathing the World Cup right now. You can see more in the Plus posts below. And remember, these are interactive posts here. So, +1s, comments, and shares of each post can all be done right on this page.

BONUS: Here's a great animated short by +Nike touting their mobile app with a fun story. 

image credit: Jose Roitberg, Flickr