Saturday, December 6, 2014

Digital Billboards Display User-Generated Photos For Holiday Social Media Promotion

+Lamar Advertising Company are the kings of outdoor advertising. With marketing real estate all over the country in the form of billboards, if you want your message to be seen by the highway-traveling masses, you go through Lamar to do it. 

But, as online channels have completely changed the way we target consumers, measure response, and how often we adjust our messaging, stagnant mass marketing has become less attractive for a lot of advertisers. 

Is it still effective? Hell yes! And, Lamar plans to prove it with their #ThankfulThisHoliday campaign allowing social media users to tag their photos with the hashtag and possibly see their image displayed for all passersby to see. 

You can read all about the campaign specifics in this article by +Marketing Land, but here is why I like it:
  1. It Grabs Attention. - Audiences are inclined to look at each billboard they pass because when they are the ones contributing the content, they never know what (or who) they may see as they drive by. They may drive past their family photo, or that of someone they know. It's fun, and it's interactive. So, by engaging with the recipients of their clients' advertising, Lamar pulls more eyes their way.
  2. This is truly creative billboard advertising. - Lamar is marketing their digital billboards themselves. But, even more so, their digital capabilities. As more advertisers focus on digital, Lamar is showing these advertisers that they're in the game with real-time solutions that connect the online with the offline, the innovative with the traditional. And, that is smart marketing. 

Happy Holidays!